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Sausalito 4th of July Parade   posted 2024-05-15 by Nick Jenkins

Fifty years ago, MGOC used to supply cars for the Redwood City 4th of July parade. Each of us would carry a city dignitary sitting up on the rear bodywork, feet down on the battery cover, carrying flowers or a flag and waving at the crowds lining the streets. Those of us who drove would be pretty much slipping the clutch in 1st gear the whole time, trying to maintain a walking pace, so it wasn't the best thing for our cars but in general the event was a lot of fun.

This year Sausalito is planning to do the same thing, and they're looking for volunteers. If you're interested, email me (or and I can send you the contact information.

MGA Radiator leak need radiator shop?   posted 2024-04-08 by Mel Goldberg

Anyone know of a shop in Santa Rosa area that can test and plug small holes in my brass 57 MGA radiator? Apparently Dutton Radiator is out of business.

Sebastopol Lights Parade, Wednesday 12/13/23at 6:30   posted 2023-12-11 by Ted Luthin

There is an informal parade through Sebastopol where people decorate their cars and just drive through town. Meet in Belle View Avenue at 6:30. I plan to attend in my TD (after I conform my lights are working!)

All British Motor Show Sun, Oct 15, 2023   posted 2023-10-12 by Pat MM

At the Blackhawk Museum in Danville. This year the Sprite and Triumph motorcycles are the featured vehicles. They have space for 170 entries so best to register ahead of time…

Sturgeons Steam Powered Sawmill   posted 2023-10-11 by Sheryl

October 14 and 15 are the last days the sawmill is open for 2023.

Petaluma Veteran's Day Parade Saturday Nov. 11   posted 2023-09-29 by Leif + Sherri Ortegren

I received a call from Joe Noriel, the organizer of Petaluma's Vet's Day Parade yesterday. He got my number for my post about the junk yard Sprite, and wants to invite anyone interested to participate in the parade. Other car clubs will be there. It's fun and there is no cost. I do it every year as the caretaker of the Petaluma Museum's 1925 Chevy truck.
Here's his contact info:

British Cars and Coffee   posted 2023-09-27 by Greg and Linda Pearl

Another British Cars and Coffee event will be held at Hardcore Expresso on Bloomfield Road in Sebastopol from 9:00-10:30 on 10/8/23. Hope to see you there.

'68 AH Sprite at Pick-n-Pull Windsor   posted 2023-09-14 by Leif + Sherri Ortegren

I went to Pick-n-pull today because their website said they had an MGB. Turned out it was a Sprite. Rough shape but still had its dual SUs.
I'm looking for some seats for a project, could be any small vintage car, I need the mounting rails too.

Leif Ortegren

This Saturday September 9 MG and British Track Day   posted 2023-09-08 by Sheryl

Hello Parade laps, MG paddock, All British welcome Sept 9 at Sears Point.

British Cars and Coffee   posted 2023-09-01 by Greg and Linda Pearl

Another British Cars and Coffee event will be held at Hardcore Expresso on Bloomfield Road in Sebastopol from 9:00-10:30 on 9/10/23. Hope to see you there.

September 9 is CSRG Track Day for MGs and all British   posted 2023-08-31 by Sheryl

Dennis and I are going,
RSVP to for a paddock pass.

Hope to see you there!

Penngrove power up Saturday July 8   posted 2023-07-03 by Sheryl

An option to consider.

how do i opt out of emails. the profile edit facility is broken   posted 2023-06-13 by huey hoolihan

i am getting too many unwanted emails

additionally, i cannot change my profile from "all emails" to "drive notifications only".

is there a moderation for this website?

--posted by Alan Havey on 2023-06-14  
I think you need to hit the green “edit” button before you can change your email preference.

Cars and Coffee   posted 2023-06-13 by Greg and Linda Pearl

Hoping to start up a British Cars and Coffee event at Hardcore Coffee on Bloomfield Road in Sebastopol. Our next meeting is on 7/16 @ 9:00 am.

I have lots of spare Sprite parts.   posted 2022-09-09 by Steven

I have a lot of spare parts for a 1967 Austin Healy Sprite including doors and bumpers. I placed an add in the Market Section. Please call or text me at 510-944-6023 if you are interested. ---Steven

Need a trailer for Dixon   posted 2022-05-18 by Pat MM

I’m down to the wire (hopefully no more smoke escapes) getting my Morris Minor Traveller ready for the Dixon British Car meet on Sunday. It’s running, but not ready for a few hours drive yet… so I’m looking to beg, borrow, or even rent a car trailer for this weekend. Any ideas or leads appreciated!

Pat Munsch

--posted by Alan Havey on 2022-05-18  
Just FYI, if you want to rent a trailer, you will need at least a 3/4 ton pickup. Good luck!

--posted by JOHN KENNER on 2022-05-18  
The rental place

--posted by Pat MM on 2022-05-19  
Thanks all, I have a full size one ton van and a friend has offered his dual axle car trailer!

Side Curtains   posted 2022-05-11 by Greg and Linda Pearl

Looking for a set of side curtains for my ‘61 Morgan Plus 4. Anyone have a lead on them?

lots of parts   posted 2022-04-24 by Ronald Rainville

I have lots of MG parts from overdrive trani to starters carbs intakes bulbs and lots of odds and ends. and OH BY THE WAY I love working on cars and teaching the tricks I have learned since I started building cars at age 15. I am now 66 you do the math

--posted by Alan Havey on 2022-04-25  
Sounds great, I’d be interested in some of those - and of course any wisdom you can share.

--posted by Ronald Rainville on 2022-05-09  
what do you need

--posted by Alan Havey on 2022-05-12  
Maybe the tranny, carbs, etc. I would need to see all the parts. Do you have air filter housings?

--posted by Ronald Rainville on 2022-05-12  
I am home tomorrow and Saturday if you want to come over 707 308 8479

--posted by alan lane on 2023-06-13  
I have a garage bound TR6. The brakes have gone spongy on me. I could use your help. Ok to call??

EGR valve   posted 2022-04-14 by

Nobody making new EGR valves for my TR8, and I need one to pass smog test.Anybody have a working one I might purchase? Late model TR6 used the same one.
Thanks, Charlie Wehn

--posted by Ronald Rainville on 2022-04-24  
I might have the EGR if it is the same as on a 1500

--posted by Ronald Rainville on 2022-05-09  
I have an EGR for a 1500

MGB Interior   posted 2022-01-18 by Jim Fleck

I have recently purchased a 1972 MGB and love it!! Looking forward to coming along on some drives! It need new seats and some carpet help so am reaching out for input on the best way to go? try and do the seats myself wth Moss kits, have pro shop do it? or just buy the new bolt right in seats? I am a novice with limited skill but love the car and want to bring it back to its full glory and enjoy it!!! Would love to get input from members who have travelled this road already!!!

Jim Fleck

--posted by Ronald Rainville on 2022-04-24  
seats are easy as pie . the kit from moss works great